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In February of 2013, a community activist called Cheli on her phone and said “I know that you have a lot of volunteers that follow you and I need your help tonight”. He was coordinating a Candlelight Vigil and needed volunteers for his event. Cheli simply put the word out on her social media network and told interested volunteers to reach out directly to him. The next day he called to thank Cheli, a dozen people had shown up –simply because Cheli asked if they could help. Cheli was overwhelmed and touched by the outpour of support.

Soon, other community groups and organizations were reaching out asking for volunteer help. Cheli kept putting the word out, volunteers kept showing up. One day when she was working on a specific project for back then Assemblymember Toni Akins, Cheli made a personal request for help. The response from the volunteer “Will I get to Volunteer with Cheli if I show up” and hence how Volunteer with Cheli was born!