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#CaliforniansForAll College Corps – an unprecedented service and career development program – is a partnership between state, public and private colleges to give students the chance to earn $10,000 for committing to serve their community for a year.  For the next four years, about 3,200 students a year will earn money while in school and serving their community.

For the first time, we are giving state-funded service opportunities to AB 540 CA Dream Act Students.

#CaliforniansForAll College Corps.  The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps will help create debt-free pathways to college while engaging students across the state in solving problems in their communities. This first-of-its-kind initiative was launched in partnership with California colleges and universities. Over the next four years, these partner campuses will deploy more than 10,000 College Corps Fellows to tackle statewide challenges, and for the first time, we are proud to include AB 540 CA Dream Act Students in a state service program.

This initiative has three core goals:

Create a generation of civic-minded leaders with the ability to bridge divides and solve problems.
Help low-income students graduate college on time and with less debt.
Address societal challenges and help build more equitable communities across California.

College Corps will provide more than 10,000 college students with opportunities to support and learn from community-based organizations working in three priority areas: K-12 education, climate action, and food insecurity.  To ensure the opportunity is accessible to all, College Corps Fellows will earn up to $10,000 – which includes a living allowance and an Education Award.

AmeriCorps’ mission is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering. A $20 million dollar investment expanded the AmeriCorps program to increase service member slots and increase scholarship up to $10,000.

America was founded on the promise of opportunity — the opportunity for every individual to succeed. When Californians come together to build stronger communities and improve lives, we help make this promise a reality. In times of adversity, we find the courage to unite and overcome our challenges, together. It’s what AmeriCorps is built for: bringing Americans together, working alongside one another to ensure everyone gets the help they need and the opportunities they deserve. AmeriCorps is your chance to be a part of something bigger.​

Welcome, to the Commissioner's Page.  My goal is to share with you the important and life-changing work that California Volunteers does every day and how you can engage, inspire and empower your community to be catalysts for change.

California Volunteers is the state office tasked with engaging Californians in service, volunteering and civic action to tackle our State’s most pressing challenges while mobilizing all Californians to volunteer and serve in their communities.

​The California Climate Action Corps service program, a first-in-the-nation statewide climate service corps program to empower Californians to take meaningful climate action. (Fellows receive a $30,000 stipend and $10,000 scholarship).

Since California Climate Action Corps launched during Climate Week 2020, hundreds (over 300) of fellows have organized climate action in their communities focusing their efforts on urban greening, organic waste and edible food recovery, and wildfire resiliency.

California Climate Action Corps has engaged more than 15 thousand volunteers to take climate action and connected with over 28,000 people to educate how to take climate action.

In California, climate change is a growing threat to systems and people across the state. The impacts to our environment and health are worsening as we experience longer and more frequent droughts, devastating wildfires, and more. Each of us has a role to play. You can take meaningful action today to help communities across our state.

​As a part of California’s comprehensive strategy to address the climate crisis, California Volunteers, Office of the Governor created California Climate Action Corps, the country’s first state-level, climate service corps to empower all Californians to take meaningful action to safeguard the climate. You can take meaningful action today to help communities across our state by serving in a year-long fellowship, volunteering, or taking action at home.

In partnership with local governments and community-based organizations across the state, the #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps employs young people to help tackle critical issues in priority areas: COVID-19 recovery, food insecurity, and climate action. Youth are supported with at least minimum wage and essential wrap-around services like case management, résumé preparation, special job training, and other benefits to help ensure both their short- and long-term success.

The #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps, in collaboration with 27 cities and counties, employs underserved youth to help address urgent challenges in California while participants learn key job skills, develop public service career pathways, and engage with their communities.

Youth are employed to address challenges in three main issue areas: COVID-19 Recovery, food insecurity, and climate action.

Priority is given to youth across the state who are low-income, justice-involved, transitioning from foster care, and are engaged with the mental health or substance abuse systems. Throughout the state, the program will employ over 13,000 young Californians.

The Commissioner's Page

Cheli Mohamed, State Commissioner

California Volunteers