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While most people make resolutions as part of New Year's and research shows that people only keep resolutions on an average of 36 days, Volunteer with Cheli proposes that we start every day with the idea that we can make a difference every day. 

A single random act of kindness can be life-changing, and every day we have the opportunity to make an impact in someone's life.  Volunteer with Cheli offers volunteers that opportunity.  Whether you have time to deliver meals on a weekly basis to people that are homebound due to HIV/AIDS and/or chronic illnesses or build food and hygiene kits for asylum seekers or if you are interested in helping with our annual We All Count (Point-in-Time) Homeless Count or distributing toys at our Irish You A Merry Christmas event.

But volunteering should also be fun, and we have partnered with San Diego Pride, South Bay Arts & Music Festival, and Palm Springs Pride for a few days of volunteering at outdoor venues filled with musical guests, dozens of food vendors, and exhibitors.

So remember no matter how much time you have; one hour or a few hours to donate, your time is an opportunity to make a difference and give back to your community.


New Year's


Starts Every Day

Author: Cheli Mohamed | Date: January 9, 2022     1 Minute Read