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Welcome to Volunteer with Cheli!

I hope that as we enter day 113 of California’s Stay at Home Order due to the Covid-19 health crisis, that you and your families are holding up and are safe and healthy.

Sorry that I have been silent the last couple of weeks.  To be honest, I have been struggling as we learn to how to manage this new reality.  But so far, I am one of the lucky ones, I am gainfully employed, my kids are healthy, I have a home and a full pantry.

I am grateful for the messages and the constant check-in from so many of you.  But what has impacted me the most is the number of messages asking how people can help. Thank you!

We are so excited that the Stay-at-Home Orders is lifted and the possibility of Volunteer with Cheli being able to go out into the community and offer volunteer support is just around the corner.

We have been developing policies, procedures and plans that meet and exceed current requirements for the region for when in-person events are allowed once again.  These plans will remain fluid so we can incorporate the most up to date directives and requirements from the CDC, the World Health Organization, the Governor of California’s office and the City and County of San Diego.  

We do ask that you remain patient and flexible as we know these plans will continue to change
We will keep you posted as to the status of the 2020 Volunteer with Cheli Calendar of Volunteer Opportunities. 

SPECIAL INVITE: If you are on Facebook and did not get an invitation to Cheli's Neighborhood Chat, and you would like to be part of this Private Group, please let me know.  It was created to give everyone an opportunity to share with a small group of people that you already have a bond with, a group of people that share your same love for volunteering and giving back to community.  It's a great way to stay connected, share resources and help each out.

Thank you again for all you do.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for taking care of each other.  Be safe, stay healthy and for goodness sakes, Wash Your Hands and Don’t Touch Your Face!

Love,   619-886-3152    4073 1/2 Normal Street, San Diego, CA 92103